Hi, my name is Jahanzaib Ahmed Kamil and people call me SIR JAK. I used to train people for English Language and later I found many of my students struggling with IELTS and that was the moment when I started preparing them for their IELTS exam in order to help. Fortunately, my all those students achieved their desired band score. They were really happy.

But you know, helping hands are less in number in this world so those students brought their known ones to me for the same help as they got. That is how the story began, more, more and more….

Now, I possess my physical and virtual institutes in different parts of the world, named JAK Institute. I and my whole team are on the way to train hundreds of students for their IELTS, PTE, TOEFL, CELPIP, and ENGLISH LANGUAGE, etc.

The main reason why my strategies have been working well for my candidates is not that I am a magician, but I understand the requirement of IELTS examiner and let my candidates fulfill those.

It’s really simple like; ‘give monkey what he wants!’

This the ultimate challenge because candidates from all over the world do the same mistake, they keep practicing wrong tips and techniques and remain after so-called ‘hacks’ for IELTS to score well.

I am a game-changer for those candidates who are after these kinds of misleading trainers and gurus.

At the moment, I am a full-time IELTS trainer because I love helping my students to accomplish their dreams whether it’s ‘study-abroad’ or ‘immigration’.

I live a wonderful life with my family which includes; my sweet wife and three kids. I like cars and my son has the same interest. I love traveling to different parts of the world therefore, my IELTS training sessions are also held in UAE, Oman, Bahrain, Pakistan, Malaysia, Kuwait, Qatar, and many more.
Last but not least, I don’t like to leave my candidates in the middle of their journey, I always keep a strong bond with them and prepare them until they are fully done with their IELTS score i.e. 7+ Band in most of the cases.

I wish good luck to my every candidate.


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Our vision is to provide the best IELTS training in the world to those people who are struggling to get 7+ Band.





JAK doesn’t believe in “Catching you the fish,”

However, JAK believes in “Teaching you, how to catch the fish.”

We will not just hand over samples of higher band course material. Rather, we would equip you with the proven strategies for achieving the desired band in IELTS that will help you get 7+ Band.



Marking and Examination


IELTS should be marked by an ex-examiner or an expert user of language, and that’s what we do. Your every submission of the writing module is marked by an expert that actually tells your expected band score, even before you spend a lot of time, effort, and money on actual IELTS test.