English Language – 150 $

Beginner’s level

In Beginner’s level, students are able to understand the basic grammatical structures and enhance their vocabulary used in daily life so that, their English conversation may start from daily-life.

Pre-Intermediate Level

In this level, our students learn how to make choices, provide their preferences, produce certain arguments in the society, emphasize according to priorities, and identify the changes in their conversation with others.


Our specialized Intermediate level enhances the capability of retaining the complex vocabulary used in the professional world with ideal techniques. Additionally, by learning at this level students speak with an accent and perfect pronunciation of English. They are even able to identify the difference between the American accent and a British accent.

Pre-Advanced Level

The Pre-Advanced Level gives the courage to face any native speaker with confidence over difficult vocabulary, phrases, and structures. By learning at this level, students are able to express themselves relating to any situation of their lives. Moreover, diversified ideas, improved accents and extra-ordinary persona of our students make them expert users of the English Language according to the International standards of the CEFR level.

Advance Level

Here, our students become the advanced user of the English language with a variety of professional terminologies according to their selected profession. Indeed, this level leads every learner to the apex of language skills in their relevant fields. Finally, each learner, though either related to any job, business or profession, gets complete knowledge of English as per the need.

JAK Institute

Chinese Language – 150 $

JAK Institute prepares Chinese Language candidates for international certification which are globally recognized for the carrier in China and related fields.

    • • HSK 01
    • • HSK 02
    • • HAK 03
    • • HSK 04
    • • HSK 05
    • HSK 06

French Language – 150 $

French Language is prevailing and considered as the second most spoken language of the world. It also helps in improving CRS score for Canadian Immigration. We have helped many candidates in the same vein with the help of TEF course which is a certification for French Language having CEFR level from A1 to C1.

    • • TEF – Test d’évaluation de français.
JAK Institute
JAK Institute

German Language – 150 $

We provide German Language training to many students worldwide who are willing to apply for German Visa. It is an essential requirement of visa processing of Germany which is becoming another popular language across the world. Our trainer is native/equivalent to a native speaker of German Language.

    • • A 1
    • • A 2
    • • B 1
    • • B 2
    • • C 1
    • C 2